Meet the Team

Our Team is Ready to Help You

Our team of operators efficiently capture all of your test details in one of our mobile clinics

Lynn Sweatte

Lynn is the owner of South East Body Fat Test. She is also a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer, Corporate Trainer and Health Coach.

Andy Grimaldi

Andy is one of our qualified operators. She also has her own Etsy business which she runs when she isn't doing Body Fat Tests.

Kelley Podsen

When she isn't doing our Body Fat Tests, Kelley is an Athletic trainer for NGPG.


As well as being a skilled Body Fat Tester, Caitlyn has her own photography business and is a Level one CrossFit trainer at Dawson CrossFit.

Would you like to arrange a Body Fat Test?

You can Book and Individual Test here, or if you would like to arrange a group test, you can either request for your group to come to one of our travelling locations OR, if your group is big enough, we can come to visit your location.

Or Perhaps you have some questions for us?

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